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3 Simple Tips to Make Your Kids’ Clothing Last Longer

By Honeydew USA  •  0 comments  •   2 minute read

What do you do when your kids grow out of their clothes? Do you throw them away, donate them or use them as cleaning clothes? While we would all love for our little ones to remain little and adorable forever because that would undoubtedly solve a major part of the wardrobe conundrum and save us some serious money, it is, sadly, impossible. And that means you will often inadvertently end up with tons of clothes that don’t fit them anymore. Fortunately, there are a few ways in which you can make those cute outfits stretch a little bit longer. Here are some of them:

  • Size up or buy adjustable pieces

  • This is probably the best way to ensure that you don’t end up with unwearable kids’ clothing only after a few wears. When you shop for their clothes, size up. Buy at least a size or two above their normal size. This way they will be able to get plenty of wear out of these pieces even when grow a few inches. You can also buy adjustable clothes, like pants with elastic waistbands, so that there is enough room for growing.

  • Take care of the clothes as much as you can

  • You can make your little ones’ clothes last longer by looking after them the right way. Do not wash them too frequently. And when you do wash, do it on a colder setting. Use good-quality detergent because detergents with too many chemicals can damage the fibers of the clothes, causing premature wearing. Always line dry.

  • Avoid buying too much into trends

  • Sure, Harper Beckham and North West are some of the most stylish kids around, but you should avoid following trends you see on celebrity kids or even in fashion magazines. It is just not cost effective. The trends will go out of style in a year or two, or your kids will grow out of them before that, and you will, again, end up with piles of unwearable clothes.

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