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Drop Shipping Service

Manual Drop Shipping (No Minimum Requirement):

  • How to Order: Simply place your order on our platform. Fill in your customer's address as the shipping address.
  • Special Note: Leave us a note stating "drop shipping" when placing your order.
  • Package Preparation: We will remove the invoice and packing list from the package.


Automated Drop Shipping with SyncLogic (Minimum Requirement Applies):

  • A Shopify app, "SyncLogic", for connecting your Shopify store with Honeydew USA.
  • Benefits: Effortlessly sync products and inventory. Allows your customers to purchase our products directly from your website.
  • Eligibility:
    • Spent $5000 or more with Honeydew USA, or
    • Opt for an annual fee of $200 until cumulative spending reaches $5000.
  • How to Get Connected: Email "SyncLogic Request" with your Shopify domain (xxx.myshopify.com) and Honeydew account email to service@honeydewusa.com.