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Checkout issues

  1. Download the file: Go to cart page, and click on 'Save Cart Items' to download the file (Order.csv).

  2. Send an email:

    • Add the recipient: In the "To" field, add service@honeydewusa.com

    • Add the subject line: In the subject line, write Manual Checkout

    • Attach the file: Attach the downloaded file (Draft Orders.csv) to the email.

    • Discount Code: If you need to use any discount codes, please mention them in the email. We will refund your discount after the order is fulfilled.

    • Provide your account email (if necessary): If you are sending the email from a different email address than the one associated with your account, please provide your account email in the body of the email.

  3. Invoice: We will send an invoice to you shortly after receiving your email. (Please note that the invoice amount does not include any discounts applied. We will refund the discount after the order is fulfilled. Simply open the invoice and proceed with payment.)

  4. Call us: If you need immediate assistance or do not receive a response within a reasonable amount of time, please call us at (832) 497-6970