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Synclogic Connection

How SyncLogic Works

If you are using Shopify Platform you can install the Inventory Sync App "SyncLogic" to get connected with our store!

Only available for Customers who spent $5000 or more in total.

Please send an email titled: "SyncLogic Request" with your business name and Honeydew account email to service@honeydewusa.com to get connected with Honeydew.

Orders from SyncLogic don't need to leave the "drop ship" notes. Our system will automatically recognize it as Drop Shipping Order.  


Please follow the following sync steps to get connected with our inventory.

Please make sure to change the price that shows on your  store front!

New account approval can take up to 2-3 business. 

New arrivals may take 5-7 days to be showing on SyncLogic.

Items inventory that falls less than 5 per size, won't be published with SyncLogic.

How Synclogic Works:

After you received orders from your customers on your website. You'll receive a draft order email with an invoice from us directly. All you have to do is fill in the customers shipping address and making payment. We'll fulfill the order & remove the invoice and send to your customer directly!


Sync Setting Steps:


  1. Visit the SyncLogic settings page on the DESTINATION shop, and turn off anything you don't want to be synced
  2. If the source shop is in a different language, reach out to us by clicking the "Help" button about turning off options before you go any further
  3. Don't forget to save your settings. 
  4. Create a new subscription to a connection
  5. Add the connection code
  6. Choose your connection type
  7. Choose your unlink behavior
  8. Choose optional field transformations which adjust the price on sync
  9. Click "Connect"