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5 Tips To Dress Kids For Family Photos

Your family photos are an important keepsake. You will hang them up on the wall or preserve them in an album to cherish forever. And years from now, they will serve as a reminder of all those beautiful moments you spent with your loved ones.

When you are trying to create timeless family photos, choosing the right clothing for yourself and your kids is imperative. But picking out clothes for a photo session takes a little more than just pulling out a few favorite pieces from the wardrobe. Why? Because clothes that look good in person don’t always look good on camera. And since you are hiring a professional photographer and investing in your family portraits, the last thing you want to do is leave the outfits to chance.

Dressing up kids is, arguably, the hardest thing to do when preparing for a photo session, especially if they are prone to tantrums. But if you want them to look their absolute adorable selves in the family photos, here are a few tips to dress them in outfits that are fun yet appropriate:

  1. Try to hide diapers

  2. If you have a little one who is still in their diapers, you might want to try and hide the Pampers. While there is no rule that says that diapers cannot be seen in family portraits, hiding them creates a much better look. Longer shirts or matching bloomers are a great choice.

  3. Coordinate with your outfits

  4. There was a time when wearing matching clothes for family photos was quite the trend. Now, not so much. You should, instead, try and coordinate your kids’ outfits with yours. Pick a color palette and choose your clothes in two or three complementing colors. Neutrals are always a winner.

  5. Avoid dressing your kids in uncomfortable clothing

  6. Kids already find it difficult to sit and concentrate for an entire photo session. Throw in uncomfortable clothing that has them tugging and pulling and you have a recipe for disaster. Pick well-fitted clothing in comfortable fabrics. Avoid putting little girls in short dresses or skirts as they might ride up. Tights or leggings under the dresses, however, are the perfect solution.

  7. Be careful with accessories

  8. Unless you know your little one loves to wear hats or scarves, it might be a good idea to avoid accessories. Quite often, children end up taking them off. They also tend to get distracted by such items when in front of the camera.

  9. Try the outfits on them before the session

  10. To avoid any last moment hassles, try the outfits on your kids before the D-day so that you can find one that fits and looks the best. Most young children do not like being fussed over, so you should try and keep outfit changes to a minimum.

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